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  Boris Becker in the hotseat!
Updated 01 July 2004, 17.20
Boris Becker
Boris Becker is the youngest person to have ever to won Wimbledon. He took the title back in 1985 when he was just seventeen years old.

You probably know him best in his current job as one of the BBC's Wimbledon commentators.

Newsround's Lizo Mzimba put down his strawberries and cream and put your questions to the former champ.

Who was your tennis hero when you were young?

(Polly, 13, from Southampton)

My biggest inspiration when I was a teenager was Bjorn Borg - I think that's the reason why Wimbledon became so important to me from an early age!

What advice do you have if I want to be a professional tennis player?

(Ben, 10, Stockport)

Good luck! You should get together early on with the right coaches - but most important of all you should enjoy it. You shouldn't just play tennis but improve your all-round athletics!

How did you feel when you won Wimbledon for the first time?

(Faisal, aged 9)

I was quite inexperienced in the world. It was an incredible emotional experience for me and my life hasn't been the same since!

Do your kids enjoy tennis as much as you do?

(Lucy,13, Harrow)

My kids enjoy watching tennis and my eldest, who is 10, loves to play it as well.

When and where were you spotted as a tennis star?

(Sarah, 12, Stockport)

I wasn't spotted as a tennis star but an all around athlete - I did a lot of football and a lot of basket ball when I was younger. When I was 9 years old I became the best in Germany in my age group which is when my career sort of started!

How does it feel to be the only good looking tennis player?

(Rebecca, 14, Aylesbury)

It's a nice complement but I don't think it's true! We have many guys here who are very attractive!

How do you first get to play at Wimbledon?

(Neve-Emily, 10, Belfast)

I was a junior, I was 15-years-old. I was the best in Germany so I got an invitation to come and I played the first round and I lost to Stephan Edberg in the first round!

How does it feel to have broken a world record by becoming the youngest player ever to win Wimbledon?

(Natasha ,12, Stockport)

It's a record I'd like to have for a long, long time because it was quite an achievement for me then. Every year since I think 'I hope it's going to last this year!'

Why did you choose tennis and not football for your career?

(Glen, 8, Stevenage)

Because I felt like I could depend on myself - football you depend on your whole team, strikers etc. So if they have a bad day even so you might be good you could still lose - that's a concept I never really liked.

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