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  Buzz words
Updated 22 January 2002, 12.52
What's your favourite buzz word?
The Oxford Online Dictionary is a bit behind with the latest words and has only just added Girl Power as a new entry.

We think you could do better!

If you had the chance to put 'in' words in the dictionary, what would you choose?

Remember, it's a dictionary so you must include the meaning.

Or do you think 'buzz' words are not proper words at all and should be left out dictionaries altogether?

E-mail us now!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteHappified meaning made happy or became happy all at once!closing quote
Stephanie, 11, Poole

opening quoteI'd like to see Jim-Jams - pyjamas Frazzled - real confused
Buffy - ultra-cool
closing quote
Stephanie, 11, Poole

opening quoteMardy means when someone is grumpy and in a bad mood!closing quote
Radojka, 12, Leicester

opening quoteLush - someone is good looking.closing quote
Elisha, 12, Newcastle

opening quoteOkely-dokely-do is a word that Ned Flanders from The Simpsons uses. I think this should be put in the dictionary because it means OK.closing quote
Heather, 14, Southampton

opening quoteIsh-bish meaning sort of.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Ipswich

opening quote My fave words are random - something/someone is unusual or weird and drift - on the same wavelength.closing quote
Adele, 14, Edinburgh

opening quote I haven't a clue why but me and my friend always say to people you silly moose and we're famous for it at school!closing quote
Heather, 10

opening quote I think that buzz words are cool and my personal favourite one is monkey liar from those adverts on TV. It means that someone is lying really badly and we know they're not telling the truth. closing quote
Peter, 13, South Ruislip

opening quote Doss - Easy!
Fly - Cool!
Sweet - Great/Cool!
Wik - Wicked!
Okely Dokely - OK
D'OH! - Oops
Cretin - Idiot
Egit - Idiot
These are all the phrases me and my mates use - Hope you like them!
closing quote
Jennifer, 13, Surrey

opening quote RUDE BOY! is kinda cool. Skank is another. If you really wanna annoy someone keep sayin I don't know, it's a mystery! - they get sooooo stressed!closing quote
Beckz, 15

opening quote We don't think it should be just one word! We have a whole phrase that we think should be in it! Build a bridge and get over it! It's our favourite saying!closing quote
Philly, Winni, JD and Ro, 14 & 15, Bath

opening quote I'd say manky - it's a word that always comes with school chips cos no one wants the squished ones with black bits in them!closing quote
Natalie, 13, Lincoln

opening quote Loads of people @ my skool say cushty - it means something is cool or wicked.closing quote
Steph, 13, Oxford

opening quote If someone is a bit stupid, I call them muggles! (Harry Potter inspired!)closing quote
Emma, 13, Chichester

opening quote My fav words would have to be class and dis. Class means really good and cool. Dis means insulting. Don't dis me mean, don't insult me.closing quote
Geraldine, 13, Belfast

opening quote My fave phrases are:
You lie like a hairy egg
You laugh like a drowning hippo
Same goes big nose
closing quote
Sera, 12, Cardiff

opening quote Haribol - it's an ancient Sanskrit word meaning greetings my friends and we all use it when we see each other, it's a cool way of saying hi! - and makes us laugh because it sounds like haribo sweets!closing quote
Jen, 14, Birmingham

opening quote My fave word is kewl! It's just another way of saying cool, but it's tons better!closing quote
Sallie, 15, Shropshire

opening quote My mate says gimp which means stupid or idiotic.closing quote
Natasha, 12, Hull

opening quote My fave word at the mo is slamming which means cool! My phrase is she thinks she's all that and a bag of chips meaning someone who thinks they're it. closing quote
Ashley, 13, East Linton

opening quote Mank -disgusting!
Wet -Cool!
Grape -Terrible!
closing quote
Casey, 14, Shropshire

opening quoteNezbit - someone who's annoying or just boring.closing quote
Katy, 14, Manchester

opening quoteCack meaning rubbish. I said that to my Aunt and other relatives who live in London and they didn't have a clue about what I was saying!closing quote
Jessica, 13, Wolverhampton

opening quoteCaza means crazy.closing quote
Cat, 11, South Shields

opening quoteSpoon - it means someone is daft.closing quote
Elisha, 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

opening quoteKlass - means cool but better!closing quote
Cass, 13, Tenby

opening quoteMy word is crackin because I think it's a good way of expressing how you feel if you think something's really good or nice!closing quote
Nicole, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI think that the new phrase should be GREAT groovy girls!closing quote
Ellie, 12, Brighton

opening quote Heavy - meaning wicked
Extra - when someone is always OTT
Buff - clever
Div - idiot
Batty - funny and dopey.
closing quote
Ria, 12, London

opening quoteMe and my best friend, Heather have come up with our own code which no-one else understands. My word is twisted - it can mean anything you want it to mean!closing quote
Sarah, 13, Leamington Spa

opening quoteEveryone at my school says mint! It's meant to be another word for cool!closing quote
Amber, 12, Frome

opening quoteI made up one. If someone keeps hanging around you then say stop midging! It's because our cat, Midge, is always hanging around!closing quote
Radojka, 12, Leicester

opening quoteCoolio, that just means things are cool. It's an old word I know but it still rocks in 2K2!closing quote
Ami, Essex

opening quoteMinging - something really ugly or disgusting!closing quote
Emma, 12, London

opening quoteIshy-ish - I use this word when I just can't quite explain something!closing quote
Emily, 10, Kingston

opening quoteI think that buzzing should be introduced to the Oxford dictionary. It means top, ace or mint.closing quote
Jessica, 11, Hyde

opening quoteBOOM!!!! which basically means wow that rocks! closing quote
Carlene, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteDark - it means cool!closing quote
Oonagh, 12, Northampton

opening quoteIf you dis someone you are horrid to them. closing quote
Holly, 13, High Wycombe

opening quoteI always say I haven't got the foggiest. I made one up today which was I've made a duchess mistake! It means I've made a really big mistake!closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteChad meaning rubbish.closing quote
Bob, 14, Alton

opening quoteI use words but add bits on to make them sound friendly, like yuppidy, okies, coolio and yay - all ways of sounding much happier!closing quote
Hollie, 14, Shropshire

opening quoteWe say dos, meaning wicked or fab!closing quote
Lisa, 14, Forfar

opening quoteMonkey bath - a bath so hot that when you get in you go ooh, ooh, aah like a monkey.closing quote
Paul, 14, Ashford

opening quoteSometimes we use nang to mean good.closing quote
Victor, 11, Walthamstow

opening quoteI used to say it's wicked now I say it's da bomb to mean it's the best.closing quote
Tameka, 14, Peckham

opening quoteIt's bad - but this actually means it's good, confusing eh!closing quote
Sara, 13, London

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