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  Fox hunting ban: your views
Updated 19 September 2004, 14.44
This fox was rescued from a hunt
MPs have just backed a ban on fox hunting in England and Wales.

But the law has to get approved by the House of Lords and still wouldn't come into effect until 2006.

The sport is already banned in Scotland so do you think it should be banned here too?

And if it is banned, what do you think should be done with the hunting dogs? And what about the people who will lose their jobs?

E-mail and let us know your view.

opening quoteFox hunting is bad and should be banned right now in 2004 and the dogs should be sent into the police forces.closing quote
Shannon, 10, Manchester

opening quoteI don't think we should ban foxing hunting because lots of people will lose their jobs and who else will do the food chain remember foxes kill rabbits and rabbits eat grass.closing quote
Betsy, 11, Derby

opening quoteFox hunting should NOT be banned. Foxes are vermin who kill farmers' livestock for fun. Hunters are just trying to protect livestock of the farming community. They are also a pest in the town. They have terrorised my dog and tried to eat my guinea pigs. They are just evil pests out to cause trouble for people all over the country. If hunting is stopped then not only farmers will be in danger our economy will be in a lot of trouble as well. DON'T BAN HUNTING.closing quote
Holly, 13, Southend

opening quoteI think that fox hunting should be banned because foxes have just as much right to live as us and they only eat chickens and pets because it's not like anyone is leaving any food out for them. If they kill a vixen with cubs then the cubs will probably die anyway. As for the dogs they should be put in the RSPCA. I also think that the people who actually LIKE to kill for fun should try being a fox for a change and find a job that is not so cruel.closing quote
Sian, 10, Middlesbrough

opening quoteI don't think fox hunting should be banned because foxes are pests and they kill livestock, chickens etc. It's been an ongoing sport for hundreds of years and a way of life so why stop it now? If there was any problem with it they would have banned it years ago! closing quote
Lucy, 12, Ashby-De-La-Zouch

opening quoteI used to think fox hunting should be banned until I saw an article in the newspaper. It said that in Scotland because you were still allowed to use a shotgun the number of foxes being killed increased instead of decreasing. What's more the dogs that were once used to go fox-hunting were all killed. So I think that the ban shouldn't have happened.closing quote
Daniel, 11, Newcastle

opening quoteI am totally against killing animals as I am a huge fan of them so I agree on the ban of fox hunting. It's just a game to these cruel people and getting another animal to kill it is just worse. I agree farmers are losing their flock because of these animals so I think we should allow farmers to kill foxes but only if they're killing their flock. If they're not killing their animals then why should you be allowed to do such a cruel thing? I think that farmers must get permission before killing a fox and must have proof that it was a fox that's been killing their animals.closing quote
Elyse, 12, Driffield

opening quoteFox hunting shouldn't be banned I go fox hunting and its not cruel or sick, it is the way of the country and has been for many generations. My mum used to work in a hunt kennel and would put people like her out of work. Game keepers would also lose their jobs.closing quote
Jonathan, 14, Selby

opening quoteYES YES BAN IT!!! How would the hunters like it if towns people chased them down a motorway for 20 minutes and then pounced on them just for fun? I think they would try and send the towns people to court!! Unfortunately, foxes do not have a law system so they don't really have that option. IT IS WRONG! Leave them alone, the environment will deal with the increase in fox numbers naturally. closing quote
JJ, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think fox hunting should be banned. It is an inhumane of killing an animal. If you're going to kill a fox saying "it keeps the animal cycle in balance and they are pests" then do it in a way which does not involve a painful, slow and scary death for the animal! closing quote
Roxy, 12, London

opening quoteI'd be happy if fox hunting was banned. I like to see foxes. They only kill and take chickens and lambs because they're hungry. If people in the countryside left out food for them to eat, they wouldn't take the farm animals. They can also help control other pests such as rabbits who eat crops grown in the countryside, but I do feel sorry for the people who would lose their job if it is banned here as well as in Scotland.closing quote
Natasha, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteIt should b banned. It is a cruel sport, if you can call it a sport. They say people could lose jobs. So what, what kind of job is fox hunting anyway they should be doing a job that has more of a purpose. And the dogs don't have to be killed they could be given away to families or farms of something.closing quote
Erin, 14, Jersey

opening quoteDuring the foot and mouth crisis, when fox hunting was temporarily banned, the actual number of foxes went down. I'd like to see what happens to the fox population after there is a long term ban. Fox hunting is just a cruel way of killing an animal. It should be done humanely. It's supposed to be a sport, not a blood bath!closing quote
Emily, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI'm not sure what to say because it's cruel, but foxes eat chickens and ruin people's businesses.closing quote
Nicki, 12, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteFox Hunting should not be banned because foxes are pests and they do a lot of damage to the farming economy, I have seen what damage foxes do and it is awful. They kill livestock. As for all those people who say that the dogs and horses shouldn't be killed just because they can't hunt anymore and need to be re-homed are talking a load of rubbish as they are bred for that purpose and that purpose only. They don't know anything different. Leave us country folk alone!!!!!closing quote
K, 15, Cambridge

opening quoteMost people that hunt foxes will think rabbits are vermin but if they hunt foxes then the population of rabbits will increase because foxes wont be hunting them.closing quote
Joanne, 13, Airdrie

opening quoteI've lived in the country for all my life and I hate fox hunting. You can't say people in the city don't know anything about it, because some know exactly what happens. Saying it keeps their numbers down is wrong because before you know it you'll have wiped out all the foxes of the UK.closing quote
Grace, 11, South Oxfordshire

opening quoteI think that the city people should have nothing to do with what the countryside do. They should keep there business out of it!closing quote
Coco, 14, Putney

opening quoteWhy don't we let the city dwellers take care of the cities and the country folk take care of the countryside? How can the power of banning hunting ban something they don't have a clue about? Its not just a sport it's a way of life in the countryside - it's social and supports so many people.closing quote
Charlotte, 15, Dawlish

opening quoteWhat is this 'it's tradition...KEEP IT' rubbish? It was once tradition to lynch black people because of their skin colour, or to hang the disabled. Tradition does not equal an excuse. BAN HUNTING!closing quote
Laura, 14, Southampton

opening quoteI live in a very rural part of the country and everyone I know is affected in the hunt somehow and the whole thing is put in the wrong light as thousands of people will be out of jobs and as grooming, stable care, dog care etc.. are all specialist jobs how are they all going to get other jobs. Plus the number of foxes killed is totally exaggerated my local hunt only actually catches and kills 4 foxes a year, not only that but who say fox-hunting is bad all live in the city and don't live out here so what do they know!closing quote
Eve, 13, Thorpe Langton

opening quoteI see both sides of the argument. some of my friends go hunting occasionally, and if the ban was put in place, many of their horses and dogs would be put down because they couldn't look after them or afford to keep them. on the other hand, I think that fox hunting is cruel and horrible, but either way something dies.closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Redruth

opening quoteI really don't see what all the big fuss is about nobody would be complaining if they were hunting RATS! Foxes are VERMIN just like sea gulls! This whole debate is a waste of government time and money!closing quote
Megan, 15, North Somerset

opening quoteI live on a farm and I think that foxhunting is fine. Over the summer holidays me and my family went away and when we came back we found that all our chickens had been killed by a fox and their bodies all over the chicken run which shows that foxes only kill for fun.closing quote
Sam, 12, Banbury

opening quoteI've been hunting for five years now and I am yet to see a fox that has had any more than a scratch on its body. many of the stories have been amazingly exaggerated, and the scene of thirty dogs surrounding one fox are never seen.closing quote
Jason, 15, Hampshire

opening quoteI think fox hunting should be banned but I do feel sorry for the people who are gonna lose there jobsclosing quote
Zarqa, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteHow can a load of people who have never lived in the country decide that foxes are cute and cuddly when they are not eating their livestock? Fox hunting isn't cruel and shouldn't be banned.closing quote
Emily, 11, Thirsk

opening quoteI think fox hunting should not be banned I believe that many members of the public have a very stereotypical and one-sided view on hunting and think that just because a fox is being killed it is cruel, yet when it comes to killing chickens or cows for meat it is fine.closing quote
Joe,13, Winchester

opening quoteI think that fox hunting shouldn't be banned because:
1) I live in the countryside and they may look cute BUT they are a menace they hunt your cats and rabbits and young children.
2) What about the people that would be out of the job, the amount of dogs and horses that would be killed?
4) Foxes breed lots at the moment if it is banned then we will be over run with foxes
5) There will be hardly any pets or other small animals about so the countryside will be ruined.
closing quote
Georgina, 14, bucks

opening quoteI think fox hunting should be banned because foxes have a right to live just like humans and its not fair on just killing foxes for fun!closing quote
Briony, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI don't think that fox hunting should be banned because all the dogs will be put down when they are healthy.closing quote
Stephanie, 12, Torquay

opening quoteDefinitely keep it! It kills foxes who are vermin who just spread disease and are unpleasant! They scream at night and pull your rubbish over the street! By killing foxes we will be reducing their numbers with is a good thing! Not all of them will die! closing quote
Sue, 13, Dover

opening quoteI'm glad that fox hunting with dogs has been banned. Turning the necessity to protect farmers animals into a cruel sport is awful. closing quote
Suzy, 15, Leicester

opening quoteBAN IT ALLREADY!! It's one of the things the government said they will do and if I was them I wouldn't listen to the protesters just 'cos those people will loose their jobs for killing animals!closing quote
Rachel, 14, Hitchin

opening quoteFox hunting should not be banned because its been a way of life for hundreds of years and it's ridiculous to even consider banning itclosing quote
Luke, 14, Abergavenny

opening quoteI think fox hunting should continue because foxes kill farmers livestock and are a nuisance.closing quote
Beck, 12, Inverness

opening quoteHunting can be a lot of fun, but the killing of the fox part is horrible. On balance, I think it should be banned. I could live without it if I had to.closing quote
Claudine, 14, Oxford

opening quoteFox hunting should be banned. Foxes can keep their own numbers down its part of their ways. Fox hunters can still hunt 'drag hunting' but they shouldn't chase foxes as its terribly cruel and inappropriate! Please ban Fox Hunting!closing quote
Cassie, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI strongly feel that Fox Hunting should NOT be band because not only that more than 8000 dogs could be put down and also but people will lose there jobs and I think fox hunting is good and then there are less foxes about.closing quote
Clare & Chelsie, 10, Shrewsbury

opening quoteSo what if a few people lose their jobs? It's been coming for ages! They should be doing better jobs than killing for pleasure! It's totally wrong to kill an animal like that - we wouldn't do it if it was people instead of foxes, would we?closing quote
Julia, 14, Belfast

opening quoteKilling of any animal is inhumane and cruel although I am concerned about the people who will lose their jobs. Maybe the government should make room for more jobs and then ban fox-hunting!closing quote
Maha, 13, Islamabad

opening quoteI'll be really disappointed if the law doesn't get approved. It is horrible! Anyone who thinks otherwise should be hunted themselves to see how it must feel.closing quote
Rhian, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteI think that fox-hunting should be banned because if people don't go killing us at random why should we go killing foxes at random? But if fox-hunting does become against the law I think that heaps of people would disobey it.closing quote
Hannah, 13, West Yorkshire

opening quoteI strongly believe that fox hunting should not be banned because two foxes already raid my bins and chase my cat! If fox hunting is banned their numbers will increase. closing quote
Josh, 10, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI feel strongly about fox hunting being banned because all the foxes will kill farm animals and pets. so fox hunting should not be banned closing quote
Jason, 10, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI HATE the idea of hunting foxes, but what about the dogs they have a life as much as we do it is cruel to kill dogs just because they can't do sport. find them a home.closing quote
Juliet, 10, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI think fox-hunting should not be banned because it is a tradition and if they do ban fox-hunting why don't they ban the king and Queen because they are a tradition. closing quote
Lucy, 10, Shrewsbury

opening quoteAbsolutely. It's an obscene and brutal sport and is completely unnecessary.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Bolton

opening quoteI think fox hunting should not be banned because I support my local huntsman and I do not want him to lose his job.closing quote
Lorna, 15, York

opening quoteI am really against fox hunting, and I think it is one of the cruellest "sports" in the world. It is exactly like bear baiting, bull baiting, or hare coursing. The excuse that they are keeping the numbers at bay by culling the fox population is a lie. They are only doing it for the fun of it.closing quote
Piran, 13, Kington

opening quoteI don't think that fox hunting should be banned altogether because it keeps the number of foxes down to help farmers look after their livestock. I don't like hunting on horses because the horses trample all over the countryside. In the Lake District their are some hunters who go on foot with dogs. This is a much better idea than horses because the countryside isn't damaged as much and the foxes die quicker when dogs get them rather than guns.closing quote
Rosie, 13, Lancaster

opening quoteI think the government should ban fox hunting for good because foxes have to hunt to survive. How would you like to be killed because you were just hunting for your lunch?closing quote
Nicola, 12, Littlehampton

opening quoteIf it were suddenly discovered that foxes weren't a pest to farmers, do you really think that foxhunters would stop hunting them? I think not, they just use the "foxes are pests" thing as an excuse.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Leics

opening quoteYES,YES,YES! I don't think that the Government should even think twice about it... it's obviously cruel and stupid so why debate over it?closing quote
Sarah, 14, Bristol

opening quoteFox hunting is awful, it's cruel and totally unfair on the foxes. People say it controls them, but do they really need to get on horses and charge about with a pack of dogs?!closing quote
Lauren, 12, Northampton

opening quoteI think it's a really cruel thing to do. Why can't people find a sport that ISN'T cruel?closing quote
Caitlin, 10, Edinburgh

opening quoteFox hunting should be banned. It is cruel, selfish, and just plain sick.closing quote
Kelly, 10, Basildon

opening quoteI think it is cruel and sometimes not.. people in the town say it is, but they are not living the county to see what the foxes do to the chickens and other wildlife.closing quote
Roy, 14, London

opening quoteI think it should be banned. I think fox hunting is very cruel. I hope they think hard about this.closing quote
Derek, 12, Spring Hill

opening quoteYES! You don't see foxes attacking us, just for sport! It's horribly cruel. It should DEFINITELY be banned!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteI think that fox hunting should be banned, and soon and that the way the foxes are killed is evil and inhumane. I will be glad if this law comes through, but I doubt it will, because I believe that all that fox-hunting members of the house of commons will oppose it.closing quote
Katie, 14, Redhill

opening quoteI think the Government should think really carefully before completely banning fox hunting.closing quote
Danny, 11, Coffinswell

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