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  How would you stop bullying?
Updated 15 July 2004, 16.14
Some form of bullying probably happens in every single school. But how could it be dealt with better?

Anti-bullying experts are going to be working in schools in England as part of a government scheme which starts in September.

Other schools use special mediators and guardian angels.

We want to know how you would stop bullying, and if you have a successful method at your school.

E-mail and let us know your thoughts.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteBullying can't be stopped .I have a bully in my class and she is bullying me its really annoying me but I ignore her and concentrate on my work more. So if you are a victim just tell a teacher or ignore them.closing quote
Natalie, 10, Edmonton

opening quoteI get bullied at school a lot and I know it really upsets people. When I do get bullied I find it best to talk to the bully and if that doesn't work, try talking to some of my best mates. If the bullying continues tell your parents, school teacher or phone up one of the help lines. We don't like BULLIES.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Warrington

opening quoteBullying will always happen, no matter what you do. The best defence is not to tell the teachers or any other adult. Try your hardest to stay away from the bullies and with your friends. Another way around it is even simpler - run.closing quote
Ellie, 14

opening quoteI think schools should have more discussions like once a week with the class about bullyingclosing quote
Michaela, 12, Loughton

opening quoteI am being bullied at the moment and I have told my head of year about it but she just told the bully to stop it. Then the bully started to get angry and the name calling got worse. I hope that the school start to be more strict about this topic because it really started getting me down. If you are being bullied tell your parents because they will always give you support!closing quote
Anon,13, North Yorkshire

opening quoteAt out school we have an anti-bullying scheme, bullied children come to talk to a teen-peer support worker. Students from years' 9 and 10 (that's me!) are the peer support workers and we have done a lot of work, talking to bullied children and making everyone in the school aware. It is a fantastic group to be part of coz I feel like I'm really helping! However, the teacher's are starting to take over.closing quote
Katie, 15, Ipswich

opening quoteBullies get off too lightly. That's why it carries on. I was bullied when I lived in England (in Year 5+6), and all the teachers did was told them to say sorry and not do it again. Anyone who is found guilty of bullying should have a letter sent home so that their parents aren't so disillusioned that their children are 'little angels', because they aren't. It's simple, so why don't they do it?closing quote
Allie, 13, Wexford

opening quoteMake it illegal. Bullying, whether verbal or physical is a form of assault and all people should recognise this.closing quote
Constanze, 11, London

opening quoteIf someone's bullying someone else, you should lock them in a room together until the bully sees sense. The bully may try to beat up the other person, but eventually, when they realise that's not going to get them out, they will talk to each other and sort out the problem.closing quote
Liz, 13, Swanley

opening quoteOur school has gangs, but only for a week at max. Okay, we do have a few scuffles and arguments - but they're quite rare. I would stop bullying by having certain people look out for it in school, and a bit after school too. closing quote
Kitty, 10,, Cambridgeshire

opening quoteOur school has an ABC system... which stands for Anti-Bullying-Campaign which is a group of year 10 and 11 pupils who are assigned to year 7 and 8 tutor groups, and the pupils can talk to them about any problems they have. Its really good, and I think its quite effective, and all us ABC people had a day of training in ways to make the pupils being bullied feel more confident. I think it works, as I have been a member of ABC, and have helped several younger pupils. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Basingstoke

opening quoteAt our school we have an anti-bulling club which consists of specially trained year 10's. They hold special meetings for people who need help. This has been really good as people are now feeling more confident to ask for help if they need it.closing quote
Amina, 13, Lancs

opening quoteSchools should have a lie detector, and use it on everyone every week and ask, "Are you bullied?"closing quote
Frank, 11, New Malden

opening quoteI think that bullies should be punished more severely. In my school I think they get off very lightly as the staff don't really want to address the situation. They should try and be more understanding and willing to deal with the problem.closing quote
Suki, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteIt's impossible to stop bullying. Telling on the bullies just make things worst - trust me, I've been there. The only way I found that you can stop someone bullying you is to stick up for yourself - they'll back down after they see you're not afraid to fight back. closing quote
Richard, 15, Belfast

opening quoteOur school has an SOS club. This is somewhere you can go if you are being bullied and then something should be done, but all your stories are kept confidential in there so no one can tell any one. I think this is a good idea and it has really helped me!closing quote
Tor, 14, Cheshire

opening quoteI went through 9 weeks of training to become a peer mentor, and it is surprising how many people actually come to talk to you. We have a great system and I feel that I have really helped some people.closing quote
Leighann, 14, Solihull

opening quoteI think the best way to stop bullying is to stay with a group of friends because they are the people who you trust. Bullies go for the lonely people rather than groups.closing quote
Tharshiya, 12, Harrow

opening quoteI don't think there is any specific way of stopping bullying, I would just ignore the bullies and stay with my friends and let it go. A bully will always be a bully.closing quote
Amanda, 15, Taunton

opening quoteI think it's a good idea to talk to a mediator. I think we're more likely to listen to each other than a grown-up.closing quote
Paul, 13, Glasgow

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