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  I interviewed Madonna
Updated 15 September 2003, 13.05
Katie, 13, met Madonna
Katie went to report on the launch of Madonna's new book, The English Roses.

She even managed a quick interview with the queen of pop.

"I woke up at the crack of dawn full of excitement. Thoughts were whizzing through my head and I had to keep pinching myself to check it wasn't a dream!

Top secret location

I arrived at High Street Kensington station and met the lovely assistant producer called Hannah.

Then Lizo came along; I had no idea he would be there so I was completely shocked!

Then we went off to the party at The Kensington Roof Garden.

At first all we did was wait outside and even though the location had to be kept top secret the crowd was growing by the minute!

Hannah went through my script with me and I did some pieces to camera.

So nervous

We were then ushered inside with the other press and the excitement was immense - you could cut the tension with a knife!

Lots of celebrity guests arrived with their children, such as: Lawrence from Changing Rooms; Stella McCartney, Patsy Palmer and Gary Rhodes.

Then we heard the crowd whooping and cheering and we knew that Madonna had arrived.

My heart was in my throat! I was sweating and feeling very nervous, as if I was going to faint.

Madonna came to me

Madonna walked in looking absolutely stunning, wearing a gorgeous dress patterned in leaves and flowers with matching shoes. Immediately, the press began to scrum around her.

Luckily, her PR lady saw me and obviously wanted the BBC Newsround to get their interview!

Madonna came up to me, my hand was shaking around the microphone, and I could barely breathe.

She was looking directly into my eye, I thought I was going to explode.

I didn't stumble when I asked my questions, then Lizo took over and he asked his questions.

Unluckily, I didn't manage to get her autograph, but all this was experience enough!

Dream party

Then we ventured up to the party. Everything was decorated in the most the most intricate detail - glittery roses everywhere, butterflies and rainbow clouds.

It was like a scene from a dream.

Madonna sat on a garden swing and read from the book with her children Rocco and Lola either side of her.

It was amazing. Madonna only stayed at the party for a total of 45 minutes. VERY SHOWBIZ!

We had to leave soon after because I had to record my voice at BBC Television Centre for the voiceovers.

Thanks to everybody at Newsround, it was the best day of my life."

Katie, 13,

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Watch Katie's reportWatch Katie's report

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