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  Why exams led us to stress management
Updated 05 March 2002, 18.31
Students in the classroom
Katie talks about how her school deals with doing so many exams.

"I am currently in Year 9 and am having my end of year exams.

Stress management

A couple of months ago, my head of year came into our class and asked us if we would like stress management classes to help with the stresses of the exams that we are currently enduring.

Students in a science lab
I will be sitting my mock SATs, real SATs and unit tests in the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, Spanish and Maths.

I think we wouldn't need stress management classes if we weren't given so many exams!

Lots of revision

There is pressure from our teachers and parents to do well, and if we don't we feel a disappointment.

The SATs reflect the school, yet our teachers have already sold us revision guides and test papers.

Why do we need to spend such a vast amount of time revising what we have already learnt, when we could be learning new topics?

Private school

My cousin attends a private school, and she doesn't have SATs or the 11+.

She has her own school tests but there isn't as much pressure on her.

She thrives in school and I wish that something could be done about exams, as there are far too many and we gain nothing from them."

Katie, 14, Kent

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