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  I help bullies and victims make friends
Updated 29 October 2003, 17.54
Jordan, 8, helps people who are bullied
Jordan's school has introduced a system where some children are chosen to be 'mediators'.

This means they have been specially chosen to be a go-between talking to pupils who are being bullied and the bullies who are upsetting them.

Their aim is to get both parties face to face and help them to become friends again.

Here Jordan explains why he enjoys mediating - and how he felt upset when he was bullied.

"I volunteered to be a mediator because I wanted to sort out problems and help people to get back together as friends.

People who are being bullied come to us and tell us what happened and how that makes them feel.

We listen to their stories and 'reframe' bad things that are said to people. This means saying things a different way so they feel better and can start to feel positive and strong.

I'm proud to help

When I was chosen to be a mediator I felt absolutely dead chuffed and I've been doing it for quite a few months now. I'm really proud, it makes you happy to see people happy.

Once you've been selected as a mediator you're taught ground rules, rules you have to follow.

Some of the ground rules are:

  • honesty - to always tell the truth to people
  • confidentiality - to keep what you're told to the people involved
  • uninterrupted speech - to allow people to have time to talk, one after the other

I can understand how people feel because I was bullied lots of times because of my ears - they're big.

It made me feel really really upset and angry. A girl I go to school with called Stephanie (who is a mediator) helped me out by talking me through it.

Happier and more confident

Jordan, 8
Mediators are the best thing about my school. I think I'm good at it because I always look at people when they're talking to me about their problems.

My advice to anyone being bullied is to ignore the bully. Bullies think they're really good and clever but really they're just mean kids that go about doing bad stuff to people.

I feel a lot happier now, a lot more confident. And I feel very pleased to be able to help other people now too."

Jordan, 8, Leicester

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