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Last Updated: Thursday September 07 2006 16:25 GMT

All kids 'should learn to cook'

Children eating healthy school meals

All kids should have "learn to cook" lessons at school, according to TV chef Jamie Oliver.

He said it was one of his dreams that Britain's children would all be able to make a roast dinner.

The government has just announced plans to give cooking lessons to all pupils who want to take them from 2008, but Jamie thinks this isn't enough.

He's also annoyed about the packed lunches many of you take to school, saying 70% of them were "disgraceful".

He said some kids were taking fast food, crisps and sugary drinks to school.

Schools serving school dinners have been ordered to make some changes by the government, like limiting the amount of salt, fat and sugar in their meals.

Kids must also get at least two portions of fruit and veg every day, plus regular servings of oily fish.

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