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Last Updated: Sunday September 17 2006 10:16 GMT

My new school survival guide!

Children in a secondary school playground

The new school year is here and for many of you that means a new school too.

Press Packer Catherine passes on some handy tips on how to survive the crucial first few days!

"Last year, I started a new school, and it was really scary!

My old school had 400 people in it but my new school has 800.

I was very nervous at first but I overcame my worries and now I really enjoy it.

Catherine's advice

Here are some tips for anyone starting a new school:

  • Talk to other people. Ask them questions or just make conversation with them. That's the best way to make friends.

  • Try to make a good impression. I'm not saying you should become a teacher's pet, but try not to talk back or be cheeky to teachers.
  • If you're starting high school, you're going to get more homework, so it helps to be organized.

  • Join an after school club. It gives you a chance to meet new people and have fun.

  • If you get lost, ask an older person to show you around.
  • If there is anything worrying you, go to your form tutor or your year head.

It is scary going to a new school, but thankfully it doesn't take you long to adjust to it!"

Catherine, 12, Londonderry

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