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Last Updated: Wednesday October 25 2006 17:05 GMT

Junior Wardens day three: Clearing up a footpath

Abie, 10

Press Packer Abie is using her week off this half term to help other people.

In the Junior Wardens scheme, kids get to clean up the community as well as having fun.

On her third day, she tells us about clearing up a forest.

"Today we went up to a big muddy trail near where I live and we collected leaves and acorns to make a woodland collage.

Acorn hunt

The trail is like a footpath and it goes round in a circle. It was really damp and rainy but a group of 25 of Junior Wardens turned up to see what we could find.

We were also looking for different flowers and lots of things that grow on the trail.

We collected loads of stuff and are trying to use as much as possible in the collage.

But anything we don't use we'll dry and show to other people as examples of what you can find up there.

Everyone helped pick things up off the floor - even the people that take care of us!

We started at 10.30 and finished at about lunchtime.

Birthday treat!

Today's a special day for me because it's my 10th birthday. To celebrate I'm having a tea-party for some of my friends and family.

I'm not really sure what we'll be working on tomorrow, so we'll just have to wait and see!

Check the website tomorrow for my next report."

Abie, 10, Doncaster

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