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Last Updated: Wednesday November 01 2006 08:42 GMT

Taking aim with archery

Press Packer Laura
Press Packer Laura gives us some tips about her favourite sport.

"Archery is really fun!

I first started it two years ago and am still going.

It's a lot harder than it looks as there are so many things to remember.

Take aim

You have to have your stance right and then pull the bow string back to the same position each time.

You then have to aim and hold the string there for about three or four seconds.

Once you have done all of this, you release the string and hope it goes into the gold!

Be careful

There are loads of clubs and groups that do archery around the UK.

I love archery so I really recommend that you try it.

Everyone I know that does it loves it a lot too.

But remember archery is a dangerous sport so be really careful as well."

Laura, 14, Northern Ireland

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