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Last Updated: Monday January 22 2007 06:00 GMT

I go to an eco-school

Recycling sign

Press Packer Denice goes to an eco-school.

In her report she tells us about all the different ways in which they help the environment.

"My school has become an eco-school.

An eco-school is a normal school but it also tries to make the environment better for people in the future.

How we help

We have lots of ways of helping the environment:

  • We have an eco-monitor in each class - they make sure the lights are switched off around the school
  • Each class takes turns at litter picking on a Friday and the school keeps a chart to see if the amount of litter goes down
  • We also keep another chart to see if the amount of electricity, gas and water we use has gone down
  • We have a paper recycling bin where we put scrap paper
  • Our school council is also trying to think of new ways to save the environment.

Hope for future

We have been doing this for about a year now.

I really hope that everyone will carry on doing it."

Denice, 11, Wales

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