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Last Updated: Saturday January 27 2007 11:10 GMT

Why basketball is the best sport

Basketball and hoop

Press Packer Rhys loves playing basketball and here he tells us why he thinks it's fun.

"I think basketball is the best sport ever!

You can meet a whole lot of new friends of different ages.

It also keeps you on your toes making you a more fit and active person.

I am very competitive and enjoy playing against other teams to test my ability.


It is also great fun testing to see how good the opposing player is at blocking or attacking you.

I go to basketball every Friday night for two hours.

I started about three months ago and I'm still as enthusiastic as I was back then.

Look out

You have to have good hand co-ordination and have to be a pretty fast runner to lose your blocker.

My top tips if you'd like to start playing basketball would be to always keep your hands up to receive the ball.

And always be on the look out for the ball."

Rhys, 11, Clwyd

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