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Last Updated: Monday February 12 2007 17:00 GMT

We reported on the Six Nations

Magnus and James

James and Magnus are united in their passion for rugby, but when it comes to who they're supporting in the stands, it's a different story.

James is a solid supporter of Wales, and Magnus is a firm fan of Scotland.

The boys travelled to see their teams take on each other in the Six Nations at Murrayfield in Scotland. It was a tight game, but Scotland ran out 21-9 winners.

James and Magnus made a report for Newsround - explaining why they expected their teams to do well - but here's what they had to say after the match.

Magnus's verdict

"I think the Scotland team did their country proud on Saturday - they put on a pretty good performance beating Wales 21-9.

I've been a rugby fan for years and I've played it since I was five so I was really excited about the match.

We had a try disallowed and then we got seven penalties in seven attempts which was great.

In my opinion, the player of the match was Sean Lamont because he hung around a lot of the rucks so he could take the ball out and run very fast with it. I also think Euan Murray played really well because he was strong and got through Wales' defence. He's also my brother's favourite player!

I guessed Scotland would win because we often beat Wales.

I think we have a good chance of beating Italy, Ireland and France in the rest of the competition - we might even win the tournament!"

James's verdict

"I was quite excited at the beginning but got nervous when it was not going our way.

It was just Scotland kicking penalties.

I felt let down and disappointed.

Dwayne Peel was passing well and creating play.

But the best player of the match was Chris Czekary as he tried his best and created play.

Wales could have played a bit better and given a bit more."

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