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Last Updated: Saturday May 12 2007 10:41 GMT

Are you a young carer?

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Kids who care for relatives aren't getting enough help from the government, according to a UK charity.

Are you a young carer? Do you help look after someone at home? Perhaps a mum, dad, sister or brother?

Or maybe you look after an older relative, or know someone who does?

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Your Comments

"Hi, I am the anonymous from down the bottom. I don't think people should feel sorry for us, but the government should realise that it gets in the way of our lives - we are just kids, after all. It's just that we have more responsibility than others."

Maddey, 12

"Although I am not a young carer myself, I think more should be done to help young carers in the U.K. When my mom came out of hospital, I had to take care of her when my step dad was at work. My younger brothers also helped me but it was still hard as she couldn't walk properly. I feel sorry for young carers as they are only young and should be enjoying themselves. If more was done to help them, they could have a chance of really living."

Rach, 13, Stourbridge

"I am not a young carer myself, but feel really sorry for those who are. It must be really hard for them to have to look after someone and get on with all their schoolwork and find time to themselves."

Amy, 12, Wokingham

"My friend has a mum in a wheelchair and she has to look after her most of the time. Sometimes she has help though because there's a woman who comes in to help take care of her as well."

Tilly, 13, Hampshire

"I am a young carer. My granddad is very old and lives with us, my dad died 8 years ago, my brother is severely disabled and my nana has Alzheimer's, but she had to be put into a home. I help my mum around the house, but we both know there's a certain good feeling inside you when you know you help."

Olivia, 12, London

"I take care of my mother because she is blind."

John, 11, Doncaster

"My baby sister has MS, an awful disease, so my siblings and I all help my mama as she often has her work cut out!"

Lucinda, 10, Cheshire

"I'm a young carer, I look after my brother who has autism. It's not a BIG job but I do feel that the people who have to work hard should receive some more help and have some spare time for themselves."

Molly, 13, Sudbury

"At the moment I am because my mum was in a small car crash. She's okay, just a bit sore, but I'm to help her around the house with things. My mum's ok but the car's not!!"

Bethany, 11, Scotland

"I really do feel for the people that have to care. They are only kids and they deserve the right to be able to go out and play with friends. The Government should sort it out once and for all! Put a stop and make it right!!"

Vivien, 12, Coleraine

"I help my mum who has Diabetes. I help around the house or get her different instruments to test her blood with."

Amy, 12, Wallasey

"I am a young carer myself. My mum's at work 9am-5pm and my dad's at work 8am-8pm. I take care of my brother, doing as much as I can to help my parents. I take him out, do the shopping with him, clean his room etc. It's kind of hard, but at least I'm not full time."

Chibi, 13, South Wales

"I know a girl whose mum is in a wheel chair and she has to do all the housework for her and the shopping and the cooking, and she doesn't have a dad because her mum and dad have split up."

Emily, 10, Isle of Man

"My dad has arthritis - it's a disease that affects all parts of your body but for my dad it affects his muscles. My mum is at work all day and my dad cant work because of his disability so I help around the house and try to make him as comfortable as possible but its hard. I know some child carers who's whole lives are affected by child caring and there are side affects from child caring like depression."

Eileen, 13, Hertford

"My dad has a mental disorder, and I have to help look after him."

Anonymous, 12

"I have a mother with breast cancer and she is really ill, I help her around the house but I do really think other carers should get some more help! I think also the government are all snobs and they obviously don't care if they won't help us care for ill relatives or family friends!!"

Katie, 11, Liverpool

"I'm not, fortunately, but I think it's really tough on the people that are. They need to receive more help because they are only kids after all. They should be able to enjoy their freedom as children, charities need to work together with the government to sort it out."

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"My mum has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I help a lot around the house for her. Does anyone else have a mum/dad with MS?"

Caroline, 10, Watford

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