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Last Updated: Wednesday October 03 2007 06:03 GMT

Kids don't want new school meals

A school dinner lady serving up school meals

It seems you lot aren't impressed with what's on the menu for school meals, as fewer of you are tucking into them.

A year ago new rules were brought in to make school meals more healthy, and ever since fewer pupils have wanted to eat the food their school serves up.

The healthier meals, which include more fresh fruit and veg and less salty and fatty foods, were introduced after a hit TV programme starring Jamie Oliver.

But experts say healthier meals are no good if kids don't want to eat them.

The lack of kids munching on meals was revealed by the people in charge of checking the standards in schools, Ofsted.

TV chef Jamie Oliver
Since the change in rules they've looked at 27 schools, and found fewer school meals being eaten in 19 of them.

There are lots of reasons why the meals aren't as popular, including higher prices, long queues to get the food and the places where you eat not being very nice.

And the experts are also worried because children know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, but still don't want to eat it.

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