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Last Updated: Monday October 08 2007 15:00 GMT

Do you like your school meals?

School meals

Healthier school meals were introduced in schools a year ago, but it seems lots of you are choosing not to eat them.

So are you still munching on school meals, or have you pushed them to one side?

Some kids think the new meals are too expensive, while others say the queues are too long and school dining rooms are too dingy.

Some girls even prefer not to eat anything at all so they can stay thin.

So what are your school meals like?

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Your Comments

"I hate school dinners. They are too healthy, they even put raisins in your cake."

Najaid, 12, Luton, England

"I don't like school dinners because you do not get what you want. I think they are putting other food in school dinners that we don't know about."

Aimee, 12, Sutton, England

"I'm on packed lunch because I don't like the new school dinners. I think there should be more hot dogs, proper chips, burgers,(with no unions) roast dinners, and rice dishes."

Brit, 10, Tyne and Wear, England

"I hate my school meals! I find long black hairs and the drinks are too expensive."

Ellie, 10, Northumberland, England

"Ours have grown worse and more unhealthy!"

Ben, 12, Derby, England

"My school dinners are really nice, they really make an effort. It's also because some students board but its amazing just the same."

Claire, 12, Bristol, England

"They are alright but sometimes they can be a bit manky. Jamie Oliver didn't help, he just made things worse."

Isabella, 8, Sutton, England

"I think they are ok but we should have unhealthy stuff at least once a month. We should also have a choice of drink because all we get is water."

Katie, 8, Gateshead, England

"I think school meals are disgusting. I once had macaroni and cheese that had a fingernail in it."

Rachael, 10, Cumnock, Scotland

"I think my school dinners taste really nice. They're that good, some can be mouth watering."

Chloe, 11, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

"I love the new healthier meals. They're lovely, there's lots to choose from and its good for us!!!"

Izzi, 11, Brighton, England

"My school has done nothing for healthy food and are still selling pizza and cakes. There are a few healthy options but they are not very exciting."

Laura, 12, Littlehampton, England "I would have my school meal because they are not expensive and they are good quality. They have breakfast and lunch!"

Daniel, 11, Wakefield, England

"Over the summer my school put up the prices. They want us to eat healthily but how can we if one banana is one pound?"

Natalie, 13, Faversham, England

"I have no options in my school. It's 1.80 for a drink and a slice of pizza. It costs more to buy chips on their own than buying chips and a veggie slug! Blah!"

Kay, 12, Gloucestershire, England

"Even though I usually have a packed lunch, when I do have school dinners I really enjoy them because they is lots to choose from."

Yasmin, 13, London, England

"I hate my school lunches and we have asked if we can bring in packed lunches but my school has said no. Everyone in my class says they would have packed lunches if they could. The food is horrible."

Jenny, 13, Chester, England

"My school dinners are disgusting. Sometimes there are hairs in them and most of the time they serve cold dinners and out-of-date food! I have now started having a pack lunch."

Karina, 10, London, England

"The combinations of our dinners are so horrible. I was moved onto packed lunch. You could end up with a baked bean covered potato with cubes of turnip on the side!"

Talia, 10, Newcastle, England

"I don't have school dinners but I would like school dinners because my brothers said they are nice. I would like them to be healthy."

Rosie, 9, Buckingham, England

"I wouldn't mind healthy, filling meals that are properly cooked, it just doesn't seem like my school does them."

Louis, 13, London, England

"I find the food to be very impressive and most agreeable, however, I do feel that a wider range of food is important."

Jamie, 12, Truro, England

"Ever since they stopped selling chips and stuff like that the school dinners have decreased. I hate school dinners now they have become healthy."

Jodie, 13, Nottingham, England

"I don't really like the new school dinners, they are not as fresh and they don't taste right."

Corey, 13, Bodmin, England

"My school dinners are lovely even though they're healthy. Also, there is a thing called the snack bar where you can choose which food you want, like a canteen, but hot food not cold. I think this is a really good idea. For your dinner there are 3 options, a vegetarian, a carbohydrate type of food e.g. pasta or potato and a meaty option. In the snack bar you can have tomato pasta bake, baguette or jacket potato all under 1.75 with any choice of filling. I love them."

Jodie, 11, Gloucester, England

"At our school we have the option of having hot school dinners. We think that they are really nice and offer lots of choice - meat, veggie and salad options. They are very healthy and we can choose how many days we have them in a week. THEY ARE GREAT!"

Class 6S, 10/11, Bournemouth, England

"I quite like my school dinners because there is a range of different things and they don't actually taste that bad!"

Keeley, 13, Chester, England

"I think the school dinners are OK but they don't give us a choice of foods to have for dinner. Most of the time it's just chips and fish fingers. The fish fingers are cooked in fat or in the frying pan."

Chloe, 11, York, England

"I love my school meals, nothing could be better."

Finlay, 8, Durris, Scotland

"I live in France and packed lunches don't exist. People say French food is the best in the world but that obviously doesn't apply to their school dinners! Me and my friends have names for some of the worst meals, such as 'playdoh' (mashed potato) and you don't want to know what it is we call 'spinach'!"

Alex, 12, France

"I hate most of my school dinners. I understand they want us to eat healthy foods, but they have gone a bit too healthy - they're giving us sausages with vegetables in them!"

Zara, 9, Ormskirk, England

"I used to hate school meals, especially at my primary school, it was horrible and there was no selection. Now at secondary school and it's fab! There's a whole selection. Even BREAKFAST!"

Sophia, 13, London, England

"I have packed lunch but the school dinners at my school look really good and only costs 1. I would eat one any day!"

Samuel, 11, Rugby, England

"It think school dinners are more healthy but not very exciting."

Charlotte, 7, Bloxwich, England

"My school dinners are delicious! I normally have a bowl of pasta and a chocolate chip cookie or an iced bun. My friend has school dinners nearly every day!"

Glenn, 12, Hastings, England

"Yeah, they're good. They have some really nice fresh cold pasta for only 75p! Plus hot meals!"

Ella, 11, Brighton, England

"I don't like the school dinners at my school because it is all so posh, so I end up starving!"

Lizzy, 11, Southport, England

"I think school dinners are way too expensive, especially the drinks. Every piece of food has fruit or vegetables in! And our class found hairs in our food, but we were ignored by the school."

Natalie, 12, Gateshead, UK

"My school doesn't have school dinners so we have to have sandwiches. I would like school dinners, but not stuff like jacket potatoes. I would have burger and chips."

Shanie, 10, Bewdley, England

"We are not allowed packed lunches at our school because our head teacher believes we should have a 'good' lunch every day. So I have to eat what is given. A month or so ago, it was horrible, but now they are getting better. I think that this is because of the new cook at our school... it's not too bad actually!"

Melissa, 12, London, UK

"I don't like school dinners. They don't even give us options. Our food is either burnt or not cooked properly."

Aliyah, 11, London, England

"I think our school dinners are horrible and so unusual. We have things called Red Dragon Pie and Chick Pea Pots. I used to love school dinners but now that it's changed I have my own dinner. I think soon nearly everyone will bring their own dinner. If I got to choose out of having a school dinner or not having a school dinner, I would prefer not to have one."

Cloe, 9, Scarborough, England

"I don't like the new school dinners. I'm perfectly healthy, but I think the school meals have gone too far. Having healthy food is good, but I think they've gone overboard with it, and food isn't as good quality anymore. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean it has to be gross!"

Abzii, 11, UK

"My school dinners can be nice but some days they put strange combinations of food together."

Clara, 10, Dorking, England

"I don't mind eating healthy food, but the 'healthy' food at my school is horrible and expensive. The lettuce is all soggy."

Emily, 13, Reading, England

"I don't like eating school meals because of the long lines for dinner. I usually opt out to the sandwich line instead. I have a ham sandwich and a get a drink and that's all I get."

Gavin, 13, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

"My school does not have any healthy foods. Our cheeseburgers are cold, our pizzas have almost frozen cheese on them and our bagels are amazingly cold. It feels like I'm biting into a rock sometimes!"

Karly, 10, Cherry Hill, USA

"I think we should vote for what we want we want to eat in school, and then we can have whatever gets the most votes."

Sara, 10, Birmingham, England

"The school dinners at my school are nasty. There is usually a skin on the food and it never looks even remotely fresh or edible, instead the meals look like they have been sitting there for days. If there is ever fruit it is rotten or inedible. If the meals were nice and healthy I would eat them but for now, I'm sticking to my packed lunch, in case I get food poisoning."

Amy, 13, London, UK

"The food at our school is horrible. The jacket potatoes are really hard and the salads are all limp. The cheese tastes like rubber! They're very expensive too, and most people can't afford them. Two of my friends got food poisoning after they ate the spaghetti bolognaise, now no-one touches the canteen food!"

Kate, 12, New Malden, England

"I think my school dinners are rather marvellous. All the ingredients are organic but my favourite is still pizza!"

Nia, 7, London, England

"I don't care what they serve us at school because I know that I shall go home to the splendid food my mother cooks."

Zara, 13, Crawley, England

"I have packed lunch but the school dinners at my school look really good and a good meal costs 1. I would eat one any day!"

Samuel, 11, Rugby, England

"No, I hate most of my school dinners. I understand they want us to eat healthy foods but they have gone a bit too healthy. They're giving us sausages with vegetables in them!"

Zara, 9, Ormskirk, England

"I don't think it is that fair to make everything healthy. Some people don't get any treat food at home and now they are not selling it at schools!"

Katy, 11, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

"I really enjoy my school meals as they only serve chips once a fortnight. I think the new rules are great!"

Thomas, 11, Staffordshire, England

"The food at my school is very cold and has no taste."

Mildred, 12, Maryland, USA

"I think school dinners have gone too far. My school dinners cost 1.75 which is 10p more that last year! The queues are far too long and I think they should put junk food on the menu some days but not completely ban it!"

Nathan, 11, Wolverhampton, England

"School dinners are very expensive - a usual meal costs around 2.00 and that's without a drink."

Laura, 12, Lancashire, England

"I am vegetarian and have many allergies. I do not have a choice of meals as I can only eat the pasta and this gets boring so I eat packed lunches."

Bradley, 12, Dorset, England

"My school's doing these health things and I think they're ok. My school has a salad bar too so if you don't like the meal you go on there, all the food's yummy!"

Ella, 12, Guildford, England

"We've had a new school built for the infants and juniors so we've all got to get through quicker for lunch. They don't give you much choice but they are healthy."

Alice, 10, Cleadon, England

"I like some school meals but that's because my school does pizza, fish fingers and chips too."

Lynette, 10, Southend, England

"I like our school dinners they are really nice and hot. On a cold day I really want a school dinner."

Ella, 10, Wiltshire, England

"I love our school dinners! They are healthy but still tasty! Sometimes I haven't even heard of things on the menu, but I try them and they are great! I say well done to Jamie Oliver for turning school meals around!"

Sharon, 13, Kent, England

"I think the school meals should stay healthy because they make us healthy, but the odd 'burger and chips' is nice too!"

Becky, 12, Bournemouth, England

"In my school the prices have gone up and it's just not fair. I like healthy stuff but not when it costs twice as much! A small salad is 2.10 at my school and a large is 3.50!"

Sophie, 12, Thame, England

"Our school has been invaded by new cooks. The 1st cook was well good, the 2nd one was ace and I wish she would come back and the cook we have now is so nasty and looks at you with menacing eyes!"

Johan, 10, Ruthin, Wales

"The school meals are horrible and I wish we had chips back!"

Michael, 11, Telford, England

"Our school dinners don't give you much choice and are too expensive! When I am in Year 11 I'm always going to go out to eat at lunch time."

Yusef, 12, Ayelsbury, England

"I like the school dinners at my school, they are healthy and nutritious."

Rosie, 11, Letchworth, England

"I don't eat my school dinners because there isn't anything for vegans!"

Jessica, 13, Luton, England

"My school meals are gross, I have gone back to eating sandwiches as they are rank!"

Liam, 12, Calne, England

"I like the school dinners at my school but sometimes they can get repetitive!"

Shelbie, 12, Liversedge, England

"I think that some school dinners are ok but I think it's only a few of the meals that are nice."

Alexandra, 10, Leicestershire, England

"I like chips and pizza but sometimes the food is disgusting."

Harriet, 10, Leicestershire, England

"My school does school dinners and quite frankly, I think we were better off without them."

Carys, 10, Fleet, England

"I really hate my school meals because when I last got a sandwich I found a bug in it. The dinner ladies are really stroppy and they just put you off eating there."

Emily, 13, Kingston upon Thames, England

"23 out of the 34 children in my class, in Year 4, have school dinners at least once a week. Some people in my class think the food is too spicy and are fussy eaters. Sometimes they are too expensive for parents to afford. Sometimes the queue is too long and we get less playtime. Waiting for lunch is boring."

Kate, 8, Ludlow, England

"At my school it's optional and there are only sandwiches or jacket potatoes and they're disgusting so I just bring lunch from home!"

Rebekah, 12, London, England

"I don't mind school dinners but the choice is always vegetable bake or something with vegetables in it."

Hayley, 10, Harpenden, England

"I don't go near the canteen now. The food is healthy, it's disgusting and it costs over 1 to get a small drink. It's just too expensive."

Sophie, 12, Berkshire, England

"I do like school dinners, but my school doesn't do them. My brother's school have started to do healthy organic school dinners and they sound really nice. I wish I still went there!"

Emma, 13, Swindon, Wiltshire

"School dinners should be changed back to turkey twizzlers, they rule!"

Josh, 12, Redditch, England

"My school meal is horrible. I hate it."

Harry, 12, East Grinstead, England

"I don't mind them, but because the queues are long so we don't get hardly any time to eat our meals, so most of us just have a packed lunch. They're much better!"

Sophie, 12, Northampton, UK

"Because I'm at a boarding school I have to eat school food, which sometimes means I don't eat because I don't like the food."

Poppy, 13, Oxford, England

"The dinners at my school are fine, but my friend's little sister has to eat a jacket potato or a packed lunch to avoid her being ill from all the new 'hippie' foods."

Adam, 11, Ystradgynlais, Wales

"I like healthy school meals."

Hugh, 10, Muswell Hill, England

"I like school meals when they make Yorkshire puddings, and cooked meals. Especially the puddings, and also fruit. I don't like it when they give you chips."

Emily, 7, Solihull, England

"My new school meals are horrible and over priced. Not a lot of people like them and more is wasted than eaten, so we should go back to our old school meals."

James, 13, Kent, England

"My school meals are yummy and very healthy!"

Chloe, 11, Moffat, Scotland

"It doesn't make sense that the kids didn't like the meals cause the queues were longer. If less kids are eating them how are queues long? Also, they were eating in the same place. How can the Ofsted people say it was because of a dirty or bad place to eat. It has nothing to do with healthy food."

Athena, 9, Ipswich, UK

"They are alright, but not the best of foods. I wish the old menu comes back because then we would raise more money for school as more people would buy it."

Denise, 10, Gloucester, England

"They are fine, I don't miss the chips. Now I have pasta or jacket potato. The pudding could be a lot better though."

Sophie, 9, London, UK

"I hate my school dinners, they make me want to gag. They taste absolutely disgusting!"

Rebecca, 8, Beaconsfield, UK