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Last Updated: Wednesday July 02 2008 06:25 GMT

Theme park food 'bad for kids'

burger and chips

Tasty treats like ice creams, burgers and chips are all part of the fun of a day out, but experts are warning that they're really bad for you.

Child meals at places like theme parks and museums have too much sugar, salt and fat, a survey has found.

Researchers tested food from 400 attractions, and NONE of them met the standards for school dinners.

But a group for the leisure parks said healthier options were almost always available too.

Colin Dawson from BALPPA also said parents often choose to treat their kids to food they wouldn't normally have, as part of days out.

But Geoffrey Theobald, from the local government group LACORS which carried out the survey, called for action.

Fat capital

He said unless something is done: "Britain will continue its slide towards the unwanted title of fat capital of the world."

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