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Last Updated: Thursday July 10 2008 06:35 GMT

Young pupils choose healthy meals

School dinners

Chips? Burger? Doughnut? No give us something healthy for school lunch!

That seems to be what you're saying as the number of pupils at primary school in England choosing school dinners has gone up.

It's the first time there's been an increase since lunches had a healthy makeover led by TV chef Jamie Oliver.

But the survey also found that at secondary school, the healthy dinners aren't so popular, with the number of kids going down since last year.

The last time the number of kids eating school meals increased was in 2004 - the year before Jamie Oliver began his campaign for better quality school dinners.

School dinners
Where are the chips?
After his campaign, ministers banned junk food from school canteens and vending machines and in 2006 introduced new rules to make food healthier in English schools.

Since the new healthy school dinners started, the number of kids choosing them had gone down until this year.

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