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Last Updated: Saturday August 30 2008 09:10 GMT

I'm a radio DJ

Press Packer Caprice

Press Packer Caprice has her own radio show on a Saturday morning.

Here she tells us why she enjoys being a radio DJ.

I started doing by DJing at the age of 10; we have four kids doing the radio with me.

I started going to the radio station and I was asked to present a show called "Kids Radio". It was aimed at playing music that kids would enjoy. I've been going every Saturday since.

We have music that has been sent from artists all over the world, including Uncle Moondog who has kindly sent us great new songs which everyone really enjoys.

Every Saturday, the show receives lots of text messages from listeners saying we are doing a great job.

My day starts by getting up at 9 o'clock to prepare for the day.

My uncle John or my Mum takes me and my sister in the car to the station.

We sometimes pick up my friend Sandy who is also a presenter.

Listeners text in

When we get to the station I arrange my CDs and work out what we're going to play that day.

We also ask listeners to text in with songs they'd like to hear.

Every Saturday is different depending on what music we play and who is listening, but no matter what I love doing it!"

Caprice, 10, Glasgow

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