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Last Updated: Monday September 01 2008 04:53 GMT

My tips for starting high school

Press Packer Blair in class

Press Packer Blair started high school two weeks ago. Here he gives his top tips about moving up to secondary school.

"I was quite nervous at first about starting high school. I was mainly worried about getting lost as it is much bigger.

But I've been here two weeks now and really enjoying it. So here are my top tips for anyone who is going to be starting high school:

Getting around to lessons:

A lot of schools have guides, these are fifth year students who take you to your classes and make sure you know where you're going. They do this for the first five days and it's a really good thing.


Don't worry about homework, you will be able to get it done if you put your mind to it. For the first couple of weeks I've barely had any homework but it will go up gradually which is good - you don't get loads right at the beginning.


Blair having lunch
I thinks it's really good that we have a uniform in secondary school. We also have a designated PE kit. It makes you feel like part of the school, part of the group.


A couple of days before my school started, all the first year students met at the school. It was a really good way to meet other people before I actually started school. It really helped and met quite a few friends from this.


It's great. At high school you have a wider variety of food to choose from at lunchtime. We also get to go to some of the local shops for lunch as well.

Overall, I'm really enjoying high school, I've settled in and more confident now than when I first started.

So don't worry about starting - it's absolutely fantastic and I'm really enjoying it."

Blair, 11, Whitburn

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