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Last Updated: Thursday September 04 2008 08:02 GMT

School meals should be more fun

Children eating school meals

Your schools need to make meal times more fun if they want more pupils to tuck into them.

That's what the politician in charge of schools, Ed Balls, has been saying, as schools try to persuade children to start eating more healthy meals.

He wants kids to start helping decide what food makes it onto the menu, and thinks schools should replace the plastic food trays with proper plates.

This month lots of new rules on the meals primary schools serve come in.

All meals served in primary schools must now meet standards on how healthy they are.

Foods with too much salt, sugar and fat are all being chucked into the bin, to be replaced by meals that are better for you.

Some of you may not notice much difference at all though, as half of the 17,500 primary schools in the England brought in the rules last year by choice.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have guidelines for how healthy school meals should be, but these new ones for England go further.

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