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Last Updated: Wednesday September 24 2008 18:11 GMT

School meals plan to boost brains

Children eating school dinners

More and more children may be eating a hot meal at school if a plan to give them away for free takes off.

One school in South London has already started letting every single one of its pupils tuck into a school meal for free, if they want to.

It's part of a plan to make children eat more healthily and so far 270 of the 300 pupils are tucking in.

More schools in England will be trying the scheme out next year, and trials have finished in Scottish schools.

It's not just the cost of the meals that are different as everyone sits together and eats together at meal times - even the teachers!

George talks to Ricky
One of the pupils at the school, George, told Newsround: "They're free, and there are better choices, and it saves my mum and dad money."

Teachers think they'll help in lots of ways.

The school's Executive Head, Dr Sidwell, said children would learn better after lunch, because they'd eaten a hot meal earlier.