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Last Updated: Wednesday December 24 2008 13:38 GMT

I won a Christmas card comp

Morgan with her card
Morgan with her card

Press Packer Morgan, 11, entered a competition to design a Christmas card, and she won!

Morgan's cheeky reindeer idea helped her win the Scottish regional heats of the competition. Her card is now on sale in shops around the UK.

Here's her report.

"I thought of the idea because I thought a lot of other people would do Santa. I imagined Rudolph would be quite cheeky, so I drew him peeking round the side of the card.

It took me half-an-hour to think of the idea and a whole two hours to draw it!

Morgan's card
Morgan's card

A few months later the word was out, I had won the competition!!!

I was so excited when I heard I had won. Everyone I walked past would say 'I saw you in the paper' or 'I heard you on the radio'.


All my family and friends are so proud of me. Four weeks later my cards were being sold in Tesco stores throughout the UK.

A few days ago I went to the supermarket and as soon as I reached the card section I spotted my design. The card seemed to stick out from the rest.

My school has decided to send my card to all the other schools in Edinburgh.

I'm so proud of myself."

Morgan, 11, Edinburgh

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