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Last Updated: Saturday August 08 2009 10:12 GMT

I'm part of a weight loss group

Press Packer Eboni shares her story about losing weight

Press Packer Eboni used to feel unhappy about being overweight but now she and her family are trying to be healthier.

Here she tells us more about what has helped her:

"Being overweight made me upset about the things I could not do, like swimming on holiday and wearing nice clothes.

Sometimes I used to cry when shopping for clothes as I was not able to buy nice ones.

My legs rubbed together which used to hurt and it was uncomfortable doing exercise. I used to get out of breath very easily and even found it difficult when walking up the stairs.


And I got called names when I was playing outside so I usually did not bother. It made me feel unhappy all the time.

I went to see a dietician but they thought I needed more help so our doctor told us about SHINE which is a club for families who want to lose weight and become healthier.

I was really excited about it!

We started going in September - I go with my mum and sisters, Taitum and Joely.

At SHINE I have learnt about what foods are best to eat, portion sizes and that it is not good to just skip a meal.

And we set our own goals each week.

Press Packer Eboni getting active to lose weight
Eboni is now much more active and enjoys sport

As well as learning about healthy eating we do exercise activities and play different games like basketball, badminton and rounders. Tag rugby is my favourite!

More confident

Going to SHINE has made a difference to me as it has made me loose weight and I am more confident.

I have made loads of new friends too.

My mum has also lost weight and so we all support each other.

I now eat a lot more healthy food but I do have a treat day on Wednesdays when I am allowed a reward for being good for the rest of the week.

I've still got Easter eggs left over because I now know how to control my eating!

Get active

I am also now more active as I do salsa, squash and badminton which I would not have done before SHINE as I would never of had the confidence to do anything like this.

I want to carry on coming because I have lots of fun and have learned loads of new things to help me be healthy.

I am now really looking forward to my summer holiday as I can do more things now like swimming and taking part in clubs at the hotel. It will be a lot better than last year!"

Eboni, 9, Solihull, England

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