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Last Updated: Wednesday July 15 2009 05:16 GMT

I designed a new school dinner meal

Joshua designed a new school meal

Press Packer Joshua won a competition to design a new school dinner meal.

Find out what food he picked...

"A few months ago I entered a competition to design a new menu for our school dinners.

I love competitions so I got thinking about different food and how to make it healthy, tasty and delicious!

And I like watching cookery programmes on TV so my head was buzzing with ideas!

The ingredients I chose were cod, pasta, tartare sauce, avocado, carrots, sweetcorn and low fat yoghurt.

Fish dish

I love fish so really wanted that to be on the menu.

And in school we do a lot about healthy eating and so it was important that it would be good for us in my menu!

Then I found out I'd won the competition and Phil the chef came to my school to prepare my menu - it was just so exciting!

Joshua and Phil the Chef tuck into his tasty dish
Joshua and Phil the Chef tuck into his tasty dish

Because I won the competition, at dinnertime, I had over 50 photos taken. I felt like a film star!

Phil the chef used all my ingredients and cooked cod served with herbs and avocado, pasta salad and for dessert, a yogurt muffin.

Yum yum!

He is a great cook and the food was lovely.

And all my friends loved it, the sauce was especially tasty!

I want some every day, which is great, as my fish dish is going to be on our school menu next term!"

Joshua, 8, Bolton

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