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Last Updated: Saturday August 01 2009 09:12 GMT

I had fun at a festival for young carers

Press Packer Ellie and her sister Isabella who she helps look after

Press Packer Ellie helps to look after her little sister. Recently she went on a special weekend away with other young carers.

Here's her report:

"I went to the 10th Young Carers Festival for the very first time this year.

I was so nervous at first because I only knew a couple of people there!

But then I met loads of new faces that were also at the camp and made some great new friends.

The Young Carers Festival is organised by YMCA and The Children's Society to provide young carers like me with a weekend break.

We get the chance to enjoy our childhood, have fun and meet friends.

Hard times

I went as I am a young carer. I help look after my little sister, Isabella.

She has a disability and so I help her get dressed, set up her feed, as well as help around the house.

Because of this I go to the Winchester and District Young Carers project.

It is important to me because the people there are like me and are young carers too.

It is good so I can confide in them and tell them everything and they help me get through hard times.

My friends also know that I am a young carer and sometimes I talk about my sister but not about the club and how it is being a young carer because that's more private.

Understand each other

But the Young Carers Festival was great as we all understand each other.

And we did lots of activities. I went abseiling and rock climbing even though I am terrified of heights!

We also had a silent disco - it was so funny to see people dancing without music.

There was so much to do and everyone was so friendly. It was the first break I had in ages and I had so much fun!

On the Sunday it was a bit sad as we had to say goodbye to all our friends new friends but I am definitely going next year!"

Ellie, 13, Winchester

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