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Last Updated: Wednesday July 22 2009 05:03 GMT

I've had a sneak preview of my new school

Press Packer Niamh

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Loads of children in the UK will leave their primary schools for good this summer so they can start secondary school in September.

Press Packer Niamh had a sneak preview of her new school. Here's her report:

"In September, I'm off to secondary school and I got the chance to see what it's like for a week!

All the new Year 6 students that are starting next term got to do this.

I feel really excited about going to my new school but it's a big step up from primary school.

Press Packer Niamh

To help everyone settle in and get to know each other we had the chance to try new things.

We didn't do normal lessons but did activities like street dancing, drumming and Tai Chi!

Sharing worries

There was also a Big Brother-type diary room so if anyone had any problems or worries you could go in and talk to the camera if you didn't want to talk face to face.

Press Packer Niamh

Some of the current Year 7 students showed us around and we met our new tutors.

I'm not as nervous as I was before because I've had a good look round, joined in some activities and met the teachers.

And I've made some new friends already so I'm really excited to start in September!"

Niamh, 9, West Midlands

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