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Last Updated: Tuesday August 11 2009 05:08 GMT

I made my own movie!

Press Packer Claire performs for the camera at a movie-making workshop

Press Packer Claire went to a 'Me and My Movie' film-making masterclass.

Here's her report:

"I went to a Me and My Movie film workshop. I found out about it when I was watching Blue Peter one day and so decided to enter and see if I could go.

A few weeks later we received a phone call telling us that my little brother, sister and I had all got the chance to go - we were really excited!

We all went to the BBC Scotland building in Glasgow to make a two-minute movie.

There were lots of other children there too and it was good to meet new people.

First of all we started learning how to make a movie and we learnt what all the different camera shots are called.

Brainstorming ideas

Then we got into groups - there were six of us - and started brainstorming ideas for a story.

My group came up with a horror idea that the BBC was haunted!

After that we made a storyboard so we knew what shots we needed to film.

I was really surprised how many shots you have to film even though our movie was only two minutes long!

Then we had to decide who would be each character. In our film we had a monster, a security guard and some ghosts.

We put face paint on which was our make-up. I was a ghost so I had a white face.

Press Packer Claire's brother who did lots of the filming
Claire's brother did lots of the filming

Then we started filming and finally we edited and added music with the help of our team leader. We had made our movie!

It's a wrap!

Finally we showed it to the other groups - I was a bit nervous about this but it was OK once it started.

Some of the other groups' films were mystery stories or like a news report. They were all really good.

It was a really fun day and we especially enjoyed all the dressing up. I would love to go again!"

Claire, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

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