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Last Updated: Monday August 24 2009 04:55 GMT

We have a new library in Tanzania

Goodluck and Adel

Press Packers Goodluck and Adel live in Tanzania and through Read International they now have a great new library.

Here's their story.

"Read International came to my school, Saba Saba, first with books and then to make a new library.

Our teacher was very pleased with the books and my friends liked reading them in class.

The old library was dark, dirty and usually closed. Me and my classmates helped the volunteers to paint the library. The volunteers are now my friends.

The school put on a big celebration when the library was opened. We danced with the UK volunteers. It was very funny. Me and my friends were laughing a lot.

Now there are new books and the library is good to work in. I have somewhere to do my homework before I start my chores in the evening.

I live with my grandparents and they are very old. I have get up very early to make them breakfast and clean the house.

To be an engineer I have to do well in my maths exams. I hope to go to an A-Level school to continue my studies and get a good job so I can build my family a new home."

Goodluck, 15, Tanzania, Africa

"I came here in 2006. When I was at primary school we had more textbooks than here.

I really like reading story books so I was very happy when READ International brought new books for me to read.

My classmates in school cannot speak English well, and if you can speak English, they tell you that you are too proud.

But I know that English is very important to get a job because the world is very international.

I was very pleased we have lots of new books. Some are good for my studies and some are fun to read.

We spent a long time painting our new library and now I really like to go there to read. Reading is my hobby.

I hear they will bring new pens and pencil cases from the children of the UK soon. I am looking forward to that as those things are also scarce here.

I live with my Aunt and I miss my family very much. But I work hard at school so that I will get a good job. When I grow up I want to be a doctor like my mother, or maybe a teacher."

Adel, 16, Tanzania, Africa

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