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Last Updated: Tuesday August 25 2009 05:41 GMT

We climbed Britain's highest mountains

Jessica and Joshua

Press Packers Jessica and Joshua climbed the two highest mountains in Britain in memory of their grandad.

Here's their story.

"Every year our mum and dad complete a challenge for charity.

This year we decided we would like to be involved.

So when Mum and Dad asked us what we wanted to do, we said we'd like to climb a mountain!

The preparations

We decided on Ben Nevis and Snowdon because they are the two highest mountains in Britain.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland and Snowdon is the highest in Wales.

Mum and Dad had already climbed Ben Nevis and thought it would be a good challenge for us.

Before the climb we had to go on lots of practice walks to get us fit and strong enough.

Climbing the mountains

We decided to climb the mountains for the British Heart Foundation charity in memory of our grandad.

Joshua on the climb

The climbs were very hard.

Ben Nevis was wet and cold and very misty at the top. We had to climb over quite large boulders which tired us out.

Snowdon was not as high but sometimes the path was very steep.

The worst bits were definitely the steep climbing, but the best bit of the walk was reaching the top. The views were brilliant."

Jessica and Joshua, 11 and 7, Rotherham, England

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