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Last Updated: Wednesday August 26 2009 14:40 GMT

I played football for Britain


Press Packer Yvette played for Great Britain in the the European Football Championship for young people with diabetes.

Here's her story.

"I've just had one of the best weekends ever, playing for the Great Britain diabetes soccer squad in Geneva, Switzerland.

Best of all, one of the GB squads won the tournament!

The competition

Yvette playing in the Championship

I was in the under 12s (Juniors) against teams like Austria, France and Italy.

But the under 18s (Seniors) beat Slovakia on penalties in their final.

Everyone was cheering us when we got on the plane to come home. Talk about feeling proud!

We did all sorts of other things too as well as football.

One night there was a massive barbecue in the mountains and a wild downhill toboggan run. Brilliant!

Playing with diabetes

It was really interesting playing with so many other boys and girls from around the world with Type 1 diabetes like me.

We have to do lots of injections every day and test our blood glucose levels with our finger-prickers.

When we're running about a lot our blood glucose levels drop and we need topping up with sweets and power drinks.

Everybody felt really relaxed and we all looked after each other, sharing sweets if we needed them.

New technology

Lenny the Championship mascot
Lenny the team mascot

There are these awesome new insulin pumps that you can wear on your tummy so you don't have to have injections.

Our Seniors goalie had one. He just took it off for games and when he need to save the penalties to make us 'Champ-eee-oh-neees!'

Champions next year?

I can't wait for next year. I hope I get picked again.

If you've got type 1 diabetes and you like playing football, then maybe in 2010 you could be in the same team!"

Yvette, 10, Manchester, England

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