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Last Updated: Saturday September 05 2009 10:11 GMT

My school comes to me by bus


Press Packer Shivam lives in Delhi and his school comes to his town on a bus every day.

Here's his story.

"I come from a small village in Uttar Pradesh which is in Northern India.

I moved to Delhi with my family when I was young because my dad needed to find a job.

Arriving in Delhi

I was excited about moving to Delhi, but it was not so good when I first got here.

I couldn't go to school and I had to stay at home with my mum, take lunch to my dad and help my mum with cooking and washing clothes.

The bus school

Shivam and friends
The bus is in the background

One day a man from the bus school came round to our house and told my mum that there was a free school near us.

My mum let me go and when I got there the teacher was nice and gave me some fruit which was yummy.

I love the bus school and I run home every day to tell my mum about what I've learned.

My favourite subjects are English and maths.

My friends and family

Shivam and friends
Shivam and his friend enjoy break time

I also love the games that I play with my friends at school - I would love to play all day!

My mum is so happy that I am going to the bus school that she is now telling all the other mothers near our house to send their kids there.

My old village

I like the bus school more than the school I went to in the village I came from.

Back there the teacher would come for a little time, but then leave and all of the children would run away.

Now I would like to go to school all day and learn more, so my parents and the teacher of the bus school are going to get me into a formal school.

When I get older I would like to be a bus driver!"

Shivam, 9, Delhi, India

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