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Last Updated: Thursday October 08 2009 13:54 GMT

In pictures: Inventions of the future

The Science Museum competition winners

Loads of kids entered a competition asking what gadgets and gizmos you reckon you'll be using in years to come. Check out these pictures of the winning designs.

Billy the Cook

This one is a robotic cook called Billy that 13-year-old Robert sent in. The best ideas will be buried in a time capsule, not to be opened until 2020!

Snazzy Shoe

Then we'll get to see if any of the winners were right. Maybe we'll all be listening to our MP3 players through our trainers in ten years' time like 14-year-old Bethany's design...

8 year-old Tui

The competition had more than 85,000 entrants. This is eight-year-old Tui, one of the winners, surrounded by loads of the forms.

Olivia's Calculator Pen

Here's a calculator pen by Olivia, 11. It's a mathematical miracle that does your homework for you. We're not sure what her teachers would say about that!

Tyona's Deep Diver

Tyona who's 12 designed a Deep Diver that keeps you safe at the bottom of the ocean. If this gets invented, maybe Tyona could solve the great Loch Ness Monster mystery.

Ieuan's Dryer

This special dryer was designed by 11-year-old Ieuan. You won't have to bother with towels any more after a shower - you can just stand by the vents, like a massive hair dryer.

Wallace and Gromit

It started with the Wallace and Gromit Cracking Ideas exhibition at the Science Museum. It tried to get more of you inventing. Nice work Gromit!


Young science fan using a miscroscope.

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