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Last Updated: Wednesday October 14 2009 05:26 GMT

I have to cross a sea to get to school

Watch Jordan's long journey to school

Press Packer Jordan uses three types of transport to get from his home to school.

He has to use a bike, a ferry and a minibus to attend classes. Here's his story.

"I come from a small island named Egilsay.

I just amuse myself by fishing, sailing, crabbing and running around.

First Jordan gets on his bike

Each day I wake up, make my packed lunch and set off for my journey to school.

I bike down to the pier and then I catch a ferry called Eynhallow to another island called Rousey.

I have to get the boat to school.

Then it's a ferry for the second leg

I prefer to go to school on Rousey because if I went to the school on my own island I would have no-one to play with.

When I get to Rousey I catch the minibus to the actual school.

When I get there all my friends are already hard at work because I get there later than them.

And a minibus to finish the journey

When all the other children leave school I stay behind a bit longer to catch up with what I have missed.

After I finish all my school work I get back on the minibus which takes me down to the pier.

Then I get on the Eynhallow and that takes me back home to my island, Egilsay."

Jordon, 11, Egilsay, Orkney Islands

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