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Last Updated: Tuesday October 20 2009 05:24 GMT

I won a major poetry competition

Press Packer Karina
Press Packer Karina

Press Packer Karina won an international poetry competition.

Her poem was chosen over thousands of others from around the world.

"It all started in June, when a poet read in our class. She gave us all the inspiration to write, and as we enjoyed it so much, our teacher asked us to write a poem for the Foyle Young Poets of the year competition 2009.

In September, my teacher sent for me and gave me the good news that I had been selected as one of 15 overall winners. There had been over 14,000 entries from 50 countries.

I was very excited as I met up with the other Foyle Young Poet winners for the prize-giving ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

A nervous wait

Karina reading her poem out
Karina reading her poem out

We first had a performance workshop with Lemn Sissay and then the press took our photos.

At the ceremony, the winners' names were read out, followed by readings from all the Foyle Young Poets. I was very nervous waiting for my turn.

It was a relief when the ceremony ended and I could go downstairs for the celebrations!

I am definitely going to continue writing poetry."

Karina, 13, Manchester

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