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Last Updated: Sunday October 25 2009 13:09 GMT

My cracking idea is buried in the ground

Burying the time capsule with help from Wallace and Gromit

Thousands of kids were asked to come up with cracking ideas they'd like to see in the future. The results were then put in a time capsule and buried - it will be dug up in 2020!

Here Press Packer Priyanka tells us all about it.

"I started off my cracking idea for 2020 by doing four designs and choosing one of the four to be my final design.

High speed

I chose the Helping Hand Machine and what it is does is it reads what someone is thinking and the message flows down the wire and into the pencil and writes it down at high speed.

It is powered by recycled batteries.

I think my design will be common place in 2020 because people need to do their work faster instead of doing it very slowly. It can also draw pictures.

Shovelling mud

After entering my cracking idea my class visited the Intellectual Property Office to bury a time capsule with lots of designs.

We lowered the designs in the time capsule and people took pictures of us and Wallace and Gromit.

We also saw Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister for Wales, and he asked Gromit to shovel the mud over the capsule! It was really good fun!

We got interviewed by The One Show and the BBC; they asked us questions about our design and whether we thought it would be common in 2020. It was really exciting being interviewed!

I had a wonderful day meeting Wallace and Gromit, they were so funny they almost made me cry.

I enjoyed meeting the first minister for Wales. It was a brilliant day!"

Priyanka, Newport, Wales

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