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Last Updated: Wednesday November 25 2009 08:16 GMT

Princess Anne gave me an award!

Press Packer Aysha

Press Packer Aysha was given an award by the Princess Royal for her interest in science and engineering.

"This year I started going to Engineering Masterclasses at Imperial College in London.

This was my first proper insight into the world of engineering, and just how interesting it is!

I really enjoyed them and I thought there might be things I could do to follow up my new interest in engineering.

Award scheme

At the last class, they told me I could apply for a special maths and engineering award scheme.

I had to interview a scientist, mathematician, engineer or technologist.

I decided to interview a lady called Victoria Wood who works in engineering for expeditions.

I went to her London office for the interview.

It was an amazing experience, seeing all the projects Victoria's company had worked on, including the 2010 London Olympics Velodrome!

Victoria really inspired me, and I have her to thank for finally getting the award.

Award ceremony

Press Packer Aysha meets the Princess Royal
Press Packer Aysha meets the Princess

Then I had another surprise when I found out that because I'm a girl my entry was part of the Women in Science and Engineering and Construction Leaders Award...

I got to go to the WISE 25th anniversary ceremony to collect my award from the Princess Royal!

Being an engineer when I'm older

This has been a real journey for me, and has shown me how interesting the world of engineering really is.

I've met loads of inspiring people along the way, and hope one day, to follow in their footsteps. I'd like a career in something like being a vet or being a scientist.

I help run the science club at my school too.

So, anyone interested in science or engineering, you could try and follow your interest too!"

Aysha, 14, London, England

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