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Last Updated: Wednesday December 09 2009 12:08 GMT

I was a star for Sheffield!

Press Packer Elliot

Press Packer Elliot was the face of a campaign to get Sheffield to be a host city if England win the World Cup bid in 2018.

Here he reports on the best bits, from billboards in Sheffield to entering Wembley Stadium:

"Earlier this year I got involved with 'Back the Bid', which is Sheffield's bid to be a host city if England win the right to stage the World Cup in 2018.

I first got involved through school when some of us were chosen to have our pictures taken to help support the bid.

After that we were asked to help with the bid by meeting members of the Football Association when they came to visit Sheffield.

We even met the goalkeeper who was in the net when England last won the World Cup, Gordon Banks.

Feeling like a celebrity

We have now done six photo shoots and starred in a DVD which was made as part of the bid.

Some of the photos were used on advertising boards around Sheffield... it was a bit weird to see huge pictures of me and my friends everywhere!

I was a bit upset when the advert which I was on was taken down and I was replaced by an advert for yoghurt!!

Going to Wembley

The best part about being involved was when me and my friend Dennis were asked to go with the Sheffield team to handover the bid to the FA at Wembley Stadium.

We had to be up at 5am and we met famous footballers like David Hirst and Brian Deane who both played for England.

Press Packer Elliot with the rest of the campaign team
Elliot with the rest of the campaign team

There were other campaigns there from other cities, and we met John Barnes who was supporting Liverpool.

When we got to the stadium we were filmed by the BBC with the Sheffield Wednesday and England band.

We also got the chance to go inside the stadium which is the best one I have been to and had lots of pictures taken by the press.

I've really enjoyed being part of the Sheffield bid and I've met lots of famous people and got the chance to make a movie and visit Wembley stadium.

I do hope that Sheffield gets the chance to have the World Cup as I will get the chance to see lots of world superstars in my home city."

Elliot, 10, Sheffield, England

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