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Last Updated: Tuesday December 15 2009 15:51 GMT

A tribesman visited our school

Press Packers Conor, Phoebe, Claudia and Massimo

Press Packers Conor, Phoebe, Claudia and Massimo spent time with an Amazonian tribesman at their school.

Here they report on his message:

"This week our school was visited by a representative of an Amazonian tribe called Javier to raise awareness of deforestation.

He came to explain how deforestation would impact on his community.

Our school gathered in the hall to learn about Javier's life in the forest and how he relies on it as his "source of life".

Javier with the Press Packers' classmates
Javier with the Press Packers' classmates

The forest provides food, medicine, tools, shelter and gives a home for the animals.

If the deforestation continues, the forest will disappear and his community will disappear with it.

We found out that trees are important to absorb CO2 and keep climate change to a minimum.

We even found out that Javier has enjoyed fish and chips during his stay in London!

Overall the important message we learnt yesterday was how vital it is to save trees, not only for Javier's community but also for the world."

Claudia, 11 and Phoebe, 10, London, England

Press Packers Conor and Massimo also met the Amazonian tribesman, and they got to interview him:

How important is saving trees?
Amazonian tribesman Javier
Javier holds up a globe

"Very important, because the forest for me is what I and my community depend on for food, medicine, shelter and tools. It is also important for the animals that live in the forest. If it is destroyed, my community will disappear."

Is there a solution for saving trees?

"Yes, to raise awareness in the world about how important trees are for life by reducing carbon emissions."

What do you think of Britain?

"It is very different from my home. We live our lives outside and here people mostly live in concrete buildings in large cities. I really want to learn English to help with my campaign, and I love fish and chips!"

Conor and Massimo, 10, London, England

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