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Last Updated: Thursday January 21 2010 06:08 GMT

I staged an opera at the Theatre Royal!

Press Packer Caitlin

Press Packer Caitlin and her schoolmates re-wrote an opera and performed it at the Norwich Theatre Royal.

Here's her story:

"In September when we came back for the new term we had a big surprise... we were going to be opera stars!

The education department of the Norwich Theatre Royal gave one class from three different Norfolk schools the chance to rewrite Verdi's Falstaff, giving us only this piece of information: he's fat and pompous.

The curtain's up!

Over two months we had to write songs and scenes and work out the acting and tunes with professionals to perform on the theatre's stage.

When the afternoon of the performance came we were all so nervous but excited we couldn't sit still and our teachers had trouble getting us to listen.

We had gone to the theatre by coach that morning and had been waiting in anticipation all day.

We had just been called to the stage. I was P.E.T.R.I.F.I.E.D.

Me and my best friends Poppy, Daisy and Jodie were all shaking and hugging each other and Poppy, who had a singing solo, said she had butterflies.

A memory to treasure

But then the curtain went up and everyone cheered as we began our opening song. It was exhilarating!

The opera was a great success! I will never forget the experience and I will always treasure the memory."

Caitlin, 11, Aylsham, England

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