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Last Updated: Thursday January 28 2010 07:20 GMT

I want people to understand autism

Ellen Autism

Press Packer Ellen wants people to understand autism.

Here's her story:

"I have a younger sibling who has a condition called autism. It basically means her brain works in different ways and as a result it can be quite hard for her to fit in and join in with others her own age.

I sometimes feel full of mixed feelings, angry, embarrassed and sad but mainly I am very protective of her. It can be a challenge to look after her and it can be hard to find someone who understands how I feel.


My mum and others organised a local group for other children with disabilities, and now we have weekly sessions where we play games. This gives my sister a chance to be herself and have a good time.

Occasionally I get upset and angry at others who make mean comments about my sister or other disabled people.


But recently I have been trying to get people to understand. In a way having a disabled sibling has given me something that many haven't.

I've found that I can interact with people who aren't like me and I can identify with the important facts of life. In a way I'm quite different too!"

Ellen, 12, Shropshire, England