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Last Updated: Wednesday February 03 2010 11:26 GMT

We set up a museum exhibition!

The museum exhibition team

Press Packer Chelsea set up an exhibition at a museum with a big group of her friends.

Here's how they did it:

"I'm Chelsea and along with other Press Packers Isabel, Lola, Khuslan, Joseph, Dylan, Billy, Sarah, Cecilia, Beatriz, Robbie and Jonathan, I set up an exhibition at a famous museum!

We entered the adult world of museum curators and they shared their talents and skills to help us create a family friendly exhibition, for children, by children, which would go on show at the Wallace Collection in London.

Getting started

The difficult part was the boys wanting armour, swords, and pistols and the girls wanting lovely pictures and beautiful objects.

To solve this we got into teams and cut down the object lists. We first were going to call our exhibition Tremendous Traditions, then we thought of Armour Meets Jewellery.

Learned loads

At first we had no idea what it meant to be a curator but we have learned loads. It's been great being out of class, but our weekly museum visits have been hard work too, with lots of homework and research.

We were divided into different teams, press and promotional, design, interpretation, and finance, so we all had extra tasks to do.

Secrets discovered

In the end we decided to call our exhibition Shhh...It's A Secret, because it's all about our journey and the secrets we discovered.

We think it will be a great way to learn about the arts, history, and about the stories behind the paintings.

We would love to invite Newsround fans everywhere to come and see our show.

Chelsea, 10, London, England

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