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Last Updated: Tuesday March 30 2010 13:34 GMT

The phone you dial on your hand


The gadget without buttons

If you're sick of carrying your phone around with you, scientists could have come up with a solution: a phone that you dial on your arm!

It sounds crazy but the experts at Skinput have invented a gadget that projects your phone's numbers onto your skin.

To make a call you just dial the numbers where they appear on your arm - and the 'phone' will call your friends!

The device is still being developed and won't be in the shops for a while.

At the moment you have to carry a projector with you for the device to work.

The projector is strapped to your arm, and projects a keypad on your skin.

When you touch a key, the movement is picked up by a sensor in the projector which sends a message to the gadget telling it what to do.