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Last Updated: Wednesday April 14 2010 05:23 GMT

In pics: Baby red squirrel's lucky landing!

Squirrel looking for nuts

Meet Charles, a six-week-old red squirrel who had a very lucky landing when his nest was blown out of a tree.

Baby squirrel in a hat

A member of the public spotted Charles' nest on the ground and came to his rescue by taking him to a local animal centre.

Squirrel being fed in brey

A squirrel's nest is called a drey and is normally built out of twigs, moss and leaves. But for the moment, Charles is snuggling up in this felt hat!

Baby squirrel being fed

Charles is being fed milk and crushed nuts until he is strong enough to be released back into the wild. There are only 150,000 red squirrels left in the UK.

Sarah McNeil holding the brey

Sarah McNeill helps out at the Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group where Charles is being looked after.