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Last Updated: Tuesday April 27 2010 07:57 GMT

In pics: Is this the world's smallest foal?

Pinto the foal with its mum Tiz

Meet Einstein, the pinto stallion. He's just a few days old, but he's already hoping to be a record breaker as the world's smallest foal.

Pinto the foal with owner Dr Rachel Wagner

Einstein is just 36cm tall and weighs just under 3kgs - that's about the average weight of a newborn baby!

Four-year-old Garrett Mullen with three-day-old foal Pinto

Pinto stallions are a miniature breed, but Einstein is extra small - although he's still the perfect size for a hug from four-year-old Garrett.

Pinto the foal with St.Bernard Hannah

Einstein was born on Friday at a miniature horse farm in New Hampshire, America. He's already making friends with Hannah the St Bernard, even though she towers over him...

Pinto the foal with owner Dr Rachel Wagner

But he may have to neigh pretty loudly if he wants some of the bigger horses to hear him.




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