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Last Updated: Thursday June 17 2010 10:49 GMT

Baby owl meets massive lion!

Owl meets lion
The owl and the (very large) pussycat

This tiny owl looked like it was about to be eaten for breakfast when it accidentally fell into the lion enclosure at a zoo!

The tawny owl chick tumbled from its nest and hopped right up to Indu, a two-metre-long Asiatic lion.

Zoo visitors raised the alarm, but it was too dangerous for anyone to go into the enclosure to rescue the owl.

The big cat wasn't interested in its new feathery friend though, and the owl later flew to safety.

Paignton Zoo keeper Lucy Manning said: "The tawny owls nested in a lime tree in the lion enclosure. One day the chick just turned up on the ground.

"Indu peered at it for a while... I think it was too small to eat."

Asiatic lions live in India and are really rare, but this time the owl seemed to be the endangered species!