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Last Updated: Wednesday August 11 2010 15:16 GMT

Fox cub stranded on pool lilo

The fox cub stranded on a pool lilo

It's not what you would expect to find in a backyard swimming pool - a fox cub sitting on your pool lilo!

But that's what John Barnes from south London saw after he heard a splashing sound in his garden on Wednesday.

It's thought the curious cub climbed on the covered paddling pool, only to have it give-way under its weight - toppling the young fox into the freezing water.

Luckily, the cub was able to clamber onto the inflatable in the middle of the pool, saving itself from drowning.

Mr Barnes then used a garden rake to move the lilo to the side of the pool so the fox could get out. But the frightened cub snapped at it and fell into the water again.

The shivering cub eventually made it out of the pool and quickly disappeared into the wooded area by the house.


Foxes don't really like swimming and with the cold temperature of the water, this little cub had a lucky escape.

So just in case other animals decide to go for a dip, Mr Barnes has now installed steps in the pool!