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Last Updated: Thursday September 30 2010 16:52 GMT

I'm the youngest kid to have a bionic arm

Patrick shows us his bionic arm

World's youngest boy with a bionic arm

Press Packer Patrick is the youngest person in the world to have a robotic arm.

He had to have his arm and leg amputated when he was baby after he got a disease called meningitis.

Now he's been fitted with a bionic arm, which he can control using his mind!

Here's his story...

"My bionic arm is amazing. I can do almost anything with it. I can cut up my food, tie my shoelaces and I'll even be able to drive when I'm old enough!

When I was nine months old I got a really serious form of the disease meningitis. I was in hospital for three months and I had to have parts of my arm and leg amputated.

Perfect fit

I spotted an article about robotic arms, and my step-dad called up the company who makes them.

NR chats to Patrick

We chat to Patrick about his bionic arm

They said that I was a perfect candidate to get one!

I just have to switch it on and slide it into place. When my brain tells my muscles to move, the arm senses the muscles and moves how I want it to.

Like something from a film

Patrick with his bionic arm

Robotic arms are usually given to soldiers coming back from fighting. I'm the youngest person in the world ever to get one.

My friends think it looks like something out of a film. On the first day I had it, the battery ran out really quickly because everyone wanted to check it out and shake my hand!"

Patrick, 13, London