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  Fascinating fruit and veg
Updated 27 August 2004, 16.01
How much do you know about fruit and veg?


Question 1

British sailors ate citrus fruit to prevent scurvy on long sea voyages. What were they nick named?

A: Orangeys
B: Limeys
C: Lemonys

Question 2

Which is the hottest pepper in the world?

A: Bell pepper
B: Peppercorn
C: Habanero pepper

Question 3

If you can’t sleep, which vegetable will help you get some shut eye?

A: Carrot
B: Potato
C: Onion

Question 4

Which fruit do people living in Madrid, Spain eat as a way of counting down the last minutes of the old year?

A: Olives
B: Grapes
C: Cranberries

Question 5

Which of these fruit won’t ripen once they are picked?

A: Blueberries
B: Peaches
C: Bananas

Question 6

Why did the Earl of Sandwich invent a sandwich?

A: So he could take a packed lunch to work
B: So he could gamble whilst eating
C: Because he broke his hand and couldn’t use a fork

Question 7

What were the original ingredients of ketchup?

A: Fish broth and mushrooms
B: Tomatoes and sugar
C: Peppers and onions

Question 8

What percentage of a potato is water?

A: 40 per cent
B: 60 per cent
C: 80 per cent

Question 9

Which fruit is also known as the “apple of love?”

A: Apple
B: Fig
C: Tomato

Question 10

Why were pineapples banned in France under King Louis XIV?

A: He declared the taste was too sweet for the French palate
B: When the fruit was first presented to him he took a giant bite and cut his lips on the rough skin
C: He was frightened that people would make alcohol from the juice

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